Apr 24, 2019

April 2019 - 310 to 359

310 is a big number
It will ever remember
While they pray in the chamber
One enters &  cumbers them forever

No more 310, now it's 321
No idea how high it'll run
If one clue shine with the sun
No dought, they'll all shun

Although it's pre-detected
You were simply neglected
But didn't forget to protect
all of us, in case it's correct

Why you'll protest?
How many places to protect?
At this magnitude, we never expect
Don't object, hey kindly respect

Row in a row, white & bright
Box in a box, men & women
Head to toe, bold & cold
Eye in an eye, tear & fear

Christians, locals and foreigners
Dressed in white, as others
A line stretched to heaven
Ready to leave us in a second

Do you think, it's fine 
No, now it's 359
Do you know there were 9
Indeed, need people has a spine

With a deep pain
Methma Madushankani
April 24, 2019

Jan 1, 2019


Drama: Six flying dragons
Theme: If you are powerful, capable and brave enough, no one can stop you.
Lesson: One should not disregard the power of ones will.

Six flying dragons is a South Korean drama series which I loved from the beginning to the very end. Toward the end of the drama, I learned one important lesson about the world. That is, "The most suited person should be kept in position, otherwise he/she will take it anyhow". It was a shocking lesson I ever learned and will not forget. The story was well written and the drama was nicely executed, worth watching it. It's a long drama, yet I highly recommend watching it before reading the pome. 

A strategic plan for a better world
Epic odyssey for an unseen world
Abate evils in this strange world
Hoping a pure and sublime world

Everyone has their own role
Your choice, no one control
Work hard with a noble soul
They all share the same goal

Two scholars, they're brave
Two warriors, they're strong
Two leaders, people respect
Six together powerful dragons

Everything goes, as they chose
They are close, to make it close
Some facts froze, got disclose
The once respect, now suspect

One scholar praise powerless kings
The other wishes to expand his wings
With this collide, they got divided
Still in sync, got the power in a blink

One leader became the proclaimed king
As before, the other was people's king
Everyone was happy, except the one
Highly contributed, now regards none

He is brave and does not wave
The most suitable and irrefutable
Shamelessly they cast him away
From the entree of the power array

Never died his love of ruling
Concealing it, he was waiting
By putting his beloved teacher down
He could finally sit on the crown

Jan 1, 2019

Sep 14, 2018

A story without a name

I know who you are
You know who I am
You recognized that it's me
I did too
I smiled with you
You smiled with me
You left without a word
I was out of words
I stopped & looked back
You didn't look back
You disappeared to thin air
I failed to find you
I couldn't stop tears
You couldn't send a word
You didn't open your heart 
I didn't close my heart
I was very small
You were really big
You were closer 
I never expected that
I stopped to talk
You refused to talk
You were harsh
I was hurt
I let you go
You left with a smile
You misunderstood me
I too misunderstood 
I figured it out
You too figured it out?
You were in front of my eyes
I never expected that
I stopped to talk
You stopped to talk
Your smile healed all of my hurts
I am honoured you smile with me
I let you go
You left with a smile
You can't hurt me anymore
I can't close my heart anyway
I will go my way
You will go your way
You opened your heart a little
I am happy with that little

Sep 14, 2018

Jul 1, 2018

You didn't

The warmth of my long white dress
Blew to the blank sky with a tress
The flow of clouds as white as snow
Changed its form row in a row  

An empty can was rolling down 
On the icy road behind the lawn
The endless wind made me freeze 
You didn't feel the fresh cold breeze...

Live, dead and some half-dead
Greener veins and the rest was red
Yellow, orange, pink and purple
Yellow again and a tree of maple

Along the streets, throughout the hills
Fallen colors gave me thrills
It was a heaven over eaves
You didn't see the colors of leaves...

Securely concealed dormant buds
Swelled in warm as floral buds 
Leaves or flowers, first or next
Spread all over, in their best

Flowery fragrance mixed soft air
Brought a delicacy of good care 
It was elegant with nice posies
You didn't smell the scent of roses...

The water of tears in layers of blue 
From ocean green to Pacific blue
No single cloud, the sky was blue
A warm wind was blowing through

My plain gown was fluttering round
Two little terns were dancing around
It was full of the sound of raves
You did hear the singing of waves...

July 1, 2018

I can enjoy this poem in six different ways. Can you enjoy it even more ways?

Apr 17, 2018

The little girl

Who thought a tiny little person
Can shake me, like this

I never knew
This little girl
That I have personally met only twice
In my whole life
Will be so close to me

I thought that only me
No, I was wrong
She was longing for me too
I never thought that's possible
But, at the end
She is filling in my heart
Like her big sisters

Her behavior is so much alike
To her first sis 
Only words 
From her tiny mouth
"Come home"
"Come home"
Every time
When she was on phone.

She was my tail
When I was at home.

This girl is more social 
Coz, two sises 
She is keen, lively and soft
But, no difference  
I was waiting and waiting 
And waiting...
Her tiny mouth mimic smoothly
"Well, you better come our home"
It's a mixed feeling
I love it but pathetic
I am far away...

She is adorable 
That's why I call her

You only three
Whose is the third girl
And, I am only your aunt
But, you are my own

April 15, 2018

Apr 15, 2018

Love... Loan...

Love also
A loan...
Until receive...
To give back...
As time passes...
With no words...

Took from Hansa Sithiwili, and translated into English

Apr 10, 2018

Not the worst

I am really busy
     But am I busy as a doctor?
My life is tough
     But is it tougher than a soldier's?
My life is chaos
     But is it chaotic as a drifter's?
I am struggling
     But am I struggling as a refugee?
I am exhausted
     But am I exhausted as a patient?
It's so boring
     But is it boring as a villain's?
I am lonely
     But am I lonelier than an orphan?

April 10, 2018

April 2019 - 310 to 359

310 is a big number It will ever remember While they pray in the chamber One enters &  cumbers them forever No more 310, now it...